Walou is committed to only delivering products of the highest quality.
All products are individually checked and approved during various steps in the production process. One by one.

European safety standards

Walou products meet the European safety standards and therefore bear the CE mark.

Material selection

Walou continuously researches materials and fabrics to find those that are the safest and most comfortable for your child. Our team selects soft materials and fabrics, and has them undergo rigidity and laundry tests. Next, our materials and fabrics are subject to an evaluation by a panel of young mothers, to understand their opinion on the design, ease of use and comfort for the baby. Finally, the products are tested on the European safety norms by an official test institute.

Product design

Walou products are developed in cooperation with a team of product developers and designers. This ensures the products adhere to Walou’s standards in terms of functionality, choice of material, and design.

safety at home

Your baby is your most precious treasure. Always follow the following safety advice.

General safety advice for baby and children’s products:

– read the user manual before use and follow up instructions

– use products only under supervision of an adult

– always keep an eye on your children, even when they are using baby or children’s products

– use products only for their intended use

– never use a damaged product

user manuals

will be available shortly